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. it was the last chance we had to see president obama and governor romney on the debate stage together. the topic last night foreign policy. and charley is at the live desk with a recap of the night. >> these two men were in close quarters sitting close to one another with the moderator bob she haver and president obama -- she haver and -- schieffer and president obama took the offensive while also criticizing governor romney for being "all over the map when his -- with his proposed policies" the two were much more reserved in the 90-minute debate. many analyst thought the terrorist attack on libya was the obvious first question but governor romney passed on the answer instead of hitting the president or the administration's response for the attack that killed four americans. men talked about a host of issues ranging from iran china and the u.s.'s ally israel but when it came to the topic of expanding or contracting the mill tarity president had this to -- military, the president had this to say noting it was about the changing times. >> we have fewer horse and bayonets because the nature of our
in hagerstown were vandalized. some feel it may have do do with mitt romney and his mormon faith. >>> mark the place where your loved one is buried and it's gone. now 75 bronze urns stolen at cedar hill cemetery in brooklyn park. they cost the families up to about $700 a piece. however the bronze in them only worth about $1.60. the thieves that's what they took off with. the theft was discovered by the grounds crew there when they were cutting the grass. >> this isn't just an item that are scrapped these are people's memories and important to people and meaningful to families. >> the cemetery is offering to preplace the bronze urns with ones made out of sync it has little val -- zinc but it holds up in bad weather. >>> part of the college application for your child filling out the forms writing an essay and they are asked to answer questions about their race. today, that could all change. ther eye is -- the issue is going before the supreme court. abigail fisher says she was not admitted to the university of texas because she is white and claims it violates the constitution. the university
with the ladies of the view -- romney sheuts down with the ladies of the view how she ran interfernings on behalf of her interference on-- interference on behalf of her husband. >> we will tell you how long you will need the rain gear. >> reporter: there's lot of fog at 83 on shawan road. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish ! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. every room deserves to look us what our great.te color is? and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest, softest, and most c
are adult favorites. how mitt romney's reference to big bird is boosting halloween sales. that's in a bit. >>> health officials say 13 cases are being linked to the spinal steroid injection for back pain. 170 people across 11 states have contracted the potentially deadly infection. one person in maryland has died. symptoms include headache, fever, dizziness, nausea, weakness or numbness and pain. only people who received the steroid injects are thought to be at risk. >>> well, my dog had a nervous breakdown or my bird bit me. these are the reasons that people call in sick from work. we'll have a few others when we start. >>> remembering five lives after a testify stating fire. >>> and the vice presidential candidates on the stump. what you need to know following the debate from kentucky. >>> and there will be baseball in new york. orioles force a game 5 in the al. if you are waking up, it was a late night. 13 innings. the o's now force that game 5. who is happy? who is happy? >> me. >>> good morning. we'll tell you about the os and what is here. lauren has a check of the traffic. a lot th
and the president and governor romney are preparing for round two trying to impress you. tomorrow night is the second presidential debate and new polls show a very tight race. according to a new abc news washington post poll out this morning, president obama leads mitt romney 49 to 46% among likely voters. both campaigns have been focused on the crucial state of ohio. >> i am disappointed. i think that he made a lot of promise that is haven't been kept. -- promises that haven't been kept. >> but you are not sold on governor romney. >> not yet. >> undecided voters are shrinking. 1 in 8 remain undecided and they could have their mind changes before november 6th. >>> it's 5:06 and sports are rocked with cliches and we have to use one for one with the ravens and cowboys. a win is a win but for the ravens it may have come at a cost. they appear to have lost ladarius webb and could be without ray lewis due to a torn triceps muscle. both players will have mris today. sunday afternoon, baltimore gave up 481 total yards to dallas. but they managed a 31-29 win due to a missed field goal with time
supporter of governor romney. trump announcement is expected to happen at noon on facebook and twitter. and not to be outdone gloria allred will be in a boston area courtroom to unseal the sworn testimony by mitt romney. it's going to radar online it's a custody matter involving tom stineburg and his divorce. rom mi gave testimony about his observation of his role as a father to his four sons. they feel the testimony speaks to romney's character. >>> 6 minutes after 5. the sign of humphrey bogart and lauren bacal will be in -- the son of humphrey bogart and lawyere bacal will be in baltimore. he lost his father to esophageal cancer. the pas will -- sa -- psa will encourage people to get diagnosed. >>> visitors to due leany memorial gardens -- dulaney memorial gardens can find speos in -- peace in a asian inspired space. the 7 acres of pathways with animals will be there for visitors and the design expert who created the garden says the feng shui was used just in cemeteries not in homes like it is used today. a dedication ceremony is happening today to officially open the gardens to the
who lost loved ones are urging moderator to ask the president and governor mitt romney about gun violence during tomorrow night's debate. >>> one airline plans to dip further in to your wallet if you are checking bags. the price of traveling the airline claims is intentional if you choose to carry oversized bags. baltimore is receiving high grades as one of the best cities for college graduates. where charm city ranks on the list for those just out of school. here you go ttle man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> thank you for staying was, with this story, we are just the messengers, spirit airline customers will be having to plan ahead if they want to save money. november 6th, the carrier will charge a $100 fee if passengers need to check carry on baggage at the gate. the fee is intentionally high, to discourage fliers to wait until the last minute. they charge for all bags that don't fit underneath the seat. flyers can pay $20 pebag. >>> bal
candidates will be what you are watching tonight. mitt romney and president barack obama will hold the second debate at the university in long island, a town hall format answering questions from voters who haven't yet to commit to which candidate they will support. >> both candidates have to tread lightly. because if they are going on the offense too aggressively with each other, that can trickle over to the audience and make them look too combative. >> the p was criticized following the first debate. aids say he made adjustments for tonight. >>> if you are watching the debate, at 9:00 tonight, you are not registered to vote, you are out of luck. today is the last day to do it and the deadline is at 9:00. one of the easiest places to register is at the m va. we will post the list of other places to go, it will be available on the website. while you are there, read up on the big issues in mailed maryland. >>> stay with us, seeing animals on the side of the road, nothing new? for some drivers, they may have panicked when they saw this. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a
. how they reacted when she was wearing a shirt supporting mitt romney. >> also ahead, the disturbing attack of a bus driver caught on camera. it's hard to watch. we will show you what they say led to the passengers punching the driver. >> good morning. topping america's money, from wall street to the campaign trail the focus is on today's september employment report. the next to last one before the election. ahead of the numbers, a new snapshot on jobsch the number of americans applying for first time unemployment benefits rose slightly for the week up 4,000 to 367,000. mortgage rates have tumbled again to fresh all time lows. 15 year loans are down to 2.69%. and 30 year mortgages are at 3.36%. zagot is out. wendy's is being reviewed and so is subway pizza hut taco bell and mcdonald's. starbucks today the coffee rating and the ceo says the company's goal was to open 1,000 new shops in the u.s. in the next five years. that could mean 20,000 new jobs. that's america's money. i am rob nelson. >>> you are watching the station that works for you. now,
romney? we'll bring you the results of a contest between these two high profile political wives. >>reporter: good morning, everyone, topping america's money, more turbulence for american airlines as pilots are expected to authorize a strike this week, although negotiations are resuming. in the meantime american says it's found the cause of those loose seats, and improperly installed clamp. auto sales were up again last month to their highest level in more than four years. the automakers were led by toyota. part of the increase is that buyers need to replace aging vehicles and feel more confident about their jobs, also loans, they're now cheaper and easier to get. but another indicator shows we're not quite as confident about the economy. the birth rate fell for the fourth year in a row. the good news is that it didn't fall as much as it has in recent years. then there's the beer index, shipments arriving for the first time since the start of the recession. analysts say that's a sure sign that consumers, particularly young men, are doing better economically. and that's america's
early voting and the president and mitt romney canceled rallies in key bate ground states. >>> we have more coming your way as we continue to track hurricane sandy. >> what you need to know to keep yourself and your family safe. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> sandy churns over the atlantic but she is making her presence felt here. we are working for you this morning with information you need ahead of the storm. this one could prove to be historic. >> that's the big story today. hurricane sandy as we get ready to get hit and get hit hard. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go over to lynette charles who is monitoring the storm and letting us know the path. >> we got the advisory and it strengthened. so hurricane sandy the winds now sustained at 85 miles an hour. and this is because it is beginning to move over the gulf stream. the warmer waters moving to the north at about 13 miles an hour has picked up steam a bit and look at pressure. 946 so it has gone
obama and romney are crisscrossing the country doing everying in their power to win over voters before election day. their focus is obviously on the key swing states and trying to win undecided voters. >> we haven't finished every -- everything that we want to get done. that's why i'm running for a second term. but every single day that i set foot in the oval office i'm fighting for your families. >> our campaign is going into a movement across the country that says we're going to get america back, we're going to get america strong. we're going to provide for our families. >> reporter: that was feverish schedule for both campaigns this week and you can expect more days like that with national polls showing the race in a dead heat with only 12 days to go until voters head to the polls. reporting from washington, i'm sandra endo. >>> another big story happening today is the weather. we're keeping an eye on florida this morning. we'll be checking in there live in just a bit because they're certainly getting ready for a storm. >> the some storm is over cuba right now. lynette, as you look
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12